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Cs &A now offers Semiconductor
         Device Characterization. With a combined 125 years of experience and state of the art equipment; Cs &A offers a competative alternative at typically half the cost.

Equipment in our lab includes:

  • Multiple DC Linear Power Supplies
  • Temperature chamber and forced temperature capabilities
  • Agilent 5052B Phase Noise Analyzer
  • LeCroy WavePro 725 Zi Digital Sampling Oscilloscope (DSO)
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generators
  • Frequency counters
  • Multimeters


Cs &A LLC Provides precision Test and Measurement for Semiconductor Timing Devices;

Test capability includes:
  • Waveform Intergrity
  • Tr/Tf
  • Duty Cycle
  • Frequency Stability
  • Phase Noise
    • RMS Intergrated
  • PSRR
    • Power supply noise rejection ratios
  • Jitter measurement and analysis
    • Period
    • Half Period
    • Cycle to Cycle
    • Accumlated
  • Vswing
  • Verification of DC Levels
    • VOH / VOL
    • IOH / IOL
    • Idd
  • Dynamic Temerature Slope Measurements
    • Static amd Dynamic Temperature Measuremets
      • Slope measurements down to 1 degree C/second
      • Static Temperature measurements from -50 to +130 degrees C

Cs &A provides both test and measurement and signal analysis and recommendations...
  • Statistics
    • Min, max, mean, and std deviation
    • Data roll ups and report summaries
  • Absolute and actual
  • Process
  • Voltage
  • Temerature
  • Frequency
  • Load


Cs &A has test board design and fabrication for quick turn of
precision design and layouts


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