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Cs &A does not solely focus on market reportings; Cs&A LLC provides Limited and Focused Consulting Services where our work falls into one of three main consulting categories: Marekting support, technical consulting support, and specific Technology/Marketing for product market research and product definitions.  In addition, Cs &A has limited Laboratory capability for Semi Timing Device / Module characterization and Test methodology development and more...

Marketing Support

Marketing Oriented consulting programs are designed to optimize the effectiveness of your organization, technology, products, and positioning. We make assessments and validations, provide product definition and market identification, and more. We specialize in corporate culture change and re-engineering change for sucess at the organizational level.

Our track record and background spans Analog-Mixed Signal Semiconductors, Test and Measurment, and Power Management - for the inside, our high level of direct market experience includes senior Marketing positions at top tier companies:

  • Alliance Semiconductor
  • CYPRESS Semiconductor
  • IDT
  • IMI Corporation
  • LeCroy
  • Magnavox Research Laboratories
  • WaveCrest

We have the confidence that can only come from knowing... >100 years combined experience in the field coupled with Worldwide contacts developed over the span of several careers in Semi Timing,  provide Cs &A with a unique, focused, and validated client and industry database.  We maintain our contacts at the suppliers and at the hig volume consumption OEM customers... OEM, ODM, Contract Manufacturer, sales and distrubution channels - so we are both an ACTIVE PLAYER and this work serves to keep us more than current, we are attached and involved...

Contact us today for more detail and schedule some time to talk with one of our associates today...

Technical Consulting

Cs &A also provides technical consulting support including gap analysis, product definition, total timing budget analysis, as well as technology issues. We can provide technical consulting support that uses our expertise to iron out even the most wrinkled situations. Consulting time is available now in the areas of design verification and validation, device characterization, power consumption, voltage generation, point of load, power supply subsystems, clock signal synthesis, frequency generation and distribution, jitter analysis, phase noise, PLL bandwidth, EMI / EMR, and more.

Schedule Consulting Time

You can schedule consulting time by filling out the following form, or contacting us at (408) 666-3837 or e-mail us at info@timing-is-everything.net. We would be more than happy to talk with you about your special needs, and we can send you additional information on any of our services upon request.  

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